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10/30/2021 - RVMC EventCruise Swinging Bridge Cruise

EMail:  Phone: 540-293-0118  

We will meet at Pinkerton Cheverlet at 11:00am leave by 11:30 it's a 1 hr cruise up. eat at 12:30 ish then if anyone would like to contenue on to covington to the Hump back bridge . then back to Roanoke via 64/ 220.

Created by Bobby LaPrade on 09/28/2021 at 09:37:34 am  Add event to your calendar   Preview website

10/31/2021 - RVMC EventCruise RVMC at Martinsville

EMail:  Phone: 540-293-0118  

For those who was at Natinal Mustang day !!! we will meet at the 220 Lowes at 8:00am leave 8:15am cruise down to Collinsville stoping for breakfast then head in together for the race. Milly will be Down there in her camper and we will tailgate there. I will bring my grill along with the Hotdogs and Hambergers. bring you drings and snacks. .

Created by Bobby LaPrade on 09/20/2021 at 02:48:31 pm  Add event to your calendar   Preview website